Friday, May 22, 2015

Living with Vintage: Dresser: 3 Ways

Some people see a dresser and see storage.  When I see a dresser, I see valuable horizontal real estate. When I start to style a space, whether it's a shelf, dresser or a table, I use the same "formula". Height + Color + Texture = Winning!! Well, hopefully. It might take a few trys but eventually it comes together in the end. I usually start with color, grouping like ones together, then add in texture and height.  Plants and flowers are the cherries on top; add them in at the end to complete the story.  Below are three different vignettes.  Let us know if you have a favorite.  

Nod to the 70's

Interior design has been majorly influenced by the 50's and 60's in the last few years so you know the 70's are up next. Though I can't say brown is my favorite color I am grooving (yeah, I just did that) on this palate. I also love that this vignette is a mix of cultures - Israeli art, West German pottery, Scandinavian brass.  

Color - Browns and oranges
Height - The art is a great focal point but the vignette needs the pottery and the lamp to keep things interesting.
Texture - The pottery just oozes awesome textures.  


Desert Modern

This was fun to pull together as it's not generally a combination of items I would reach for first. I was looking for earthy, deserty, and modern.

Color - earth tones, browns.
Height - the lamp and the bears are the key heights in this vignette.
Texture - is everywhere!  The lamp, art, concrete cactus, saguaro boot, even the smooth finish on the bears add dimension.  

Concrete Cactus (from Shop Boxhill)

Modern Traditional

This vignette does not scream VINTAGE but it most certainly is.   All the pieces have some history, some more than others, but it reads as very modern and clean.  

Color - white
Height - the lamp and the vase are anchors but the house is what makes it interesting.
Texture - lamp, vase and cloth


Some items are not listed as of this posting but are for sale.  You can check my Etsy shop or contact me directly at with inquiries.  

Any favorites?  Which one would you want in your home?  Any guess as to which vignette is still on my dresser?  Leave a comment below.  

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