Friday, April 17, 2015

Living with Vintage - Trays

Let’s talk about trays.  Me? I love them. Big or little, metal or plastic. I can always find a spot that instantly looks better once I find the right tray.  Trays highlight, contain and most importantly elevate your items.  Have a collection?  Need to organize?  Want to make something look just a little bit better?  Grab a tray.

Sushi or not

These vintage sushi trays are just so incredibly versatile.  They can be used in any room… office, bedroom, bathroom, or a kid’s room.  They can be grouped together or used individually. Use a couple and keep the rest on reserve.  These are in a bright lemon which adds a nice pop of color.  I have a set of these in my bathroom and seriously considered hoarding this set too.  They can be used as snack trays (perfect for kids) but also look great on a nightstand, a desk or on a counter.  Vintage jewelry can be found in my Charish shop.


This is a classic mid century Danish modern teak tray by Dansk.  I have used this tray on my dining room table, on my coffee table and even in my bedroom to hold jewelry.  Very handy.   I grouped my teak pepper mill collection but I’ve also used it to serve hors d’oeuvres and as a table centerpiece with some flowers.  I’ve had as many as three of these in use at the same time.  Teak pepper mill available here.


In a previous life this was an ashtray.  Technically it still is but it hasn’t seen a cigarette in years.  Accented with 22 carat gold, this tray is just too pretty and cool to sit idly by.  Air plants are a great way of turning this overlooked and seldom used ashtray into something that’s functional and a distinctive piece of vintage home decor. Use this link for the pair of fab Hollywood Regency Geisha figurines.

Keep in mind

  • Large serving trays are great for liquor bottles, making a coffee station, TV remotes, or to hold a personal collection.
  • Smaller trays can be useful next to a bed, in the bathroom, in the office or on a counter.
  • Keep some extra trays on hand.  Great for serving or if a guest stays the night.  Also, they’re fun to have on hand if you like to change up your decor often.