Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pinspiration: Yum!

In honor of the upcoming holidays I thought I would feature my Yum! board.  I know this blog is about vintage decor but, you know, a girl has got to eat!  As I was going over my board certain things became very clear, I like figs and I like chickpeas!  LOTS of recipes featuring both of those items. Also, these are not necessarily holiday recipes, just gorgeous food pics.

Full disclosure - I haven't tried most of these recipes but they sure do look good.  Also, I'm mostly vegetarian, so no manly, meaty meals here.

I have tried this one and it's one of my favorite breakfasts.  It's actually good anytime of day.  Super easy and super tasty. Use the link for the recipe. Now I want this.  Like right now. 

I have been dreaming about this cheese board since I pinned it.  I'm not even kidding. I could eat this every. single. day. and be happy forever.  Seriously.

I need to try this one soon. Now that fall has finally arrived in the desert I can start thinking about soups, stews and this yummy curry.

It's kind of insane how good this spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sandwich looks.  I think I'm drooling.

I LOVE Chimichurri Sauce but it's usually paired with steak or chicken so this option with fish is a must try for me. 

Alright so are you hungry yet?  Do you have any favorite food pins?  Share below.

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  1. Now I'm hungry, so hungry :( haha, time to put on some rice...

    1. Ha! I had to raid the fridge after posting this! :)