Friday, October 3, 2014

Breakfast with Steve (McQueen)

Ah, fall in the sonoran desert. It's still hot and there are no colorful leaves to gaze upon.  It has gotten just a tad cooler in the mornings and evenings, so there is that.  But for this NY'er, fall is a sad and frustrating time where I longingly look at my sweaters and boots.  There is one thing that is fun about fall in the desert and that is Tucson Modernism Week.  Lectures, home tours, and fun happenings all about Mid Mod are on the schedule. 

In honor of Tucson Modernism Week, 3 Story Magazine is sponsoring an evening of Film and Fashion at the Fox Theater.   A screening of  "The Thomas Crown Affair" will be followed by a discussion of fashion lead by Claudine Villardito, owner of Black Cat Vintage in Tucson, and Maureen Heneghan Tripp (BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company, and creator of the original Doctor Who costume).  Click here for details for the Reel Fashion At The Fox event. 

As I was doing a bit of research for a collaboration with 3 Story I came upon this still....

Take a moment (or two) to enjoy this shot of a shirtless (and sexy as all get out) Steve McQueen.  -Sigh-

If you can tear your gaze from the lovely Mr. McQueen you might take notice of his breakfast table.  Coffee pot, peppermill, and dinnerware are all made by Dansk.  Previous to finding this still I had read that this line, designed by Nils Refsgaard, was produced in 1972.  However, this movie was made in 1968. Hmmmm.....

As it happens, I currently have in stock, many bown mist and green mist pieces, including the coffee pot.  So, if you would like to breakfast like Steve McQueen, head over to my Etsy shop.  Some are already listed, some not.  Contact me if you have any questions at
Dansk Coffee Pot.  Dansk Sugar and Creamer set.
Dansk Green Mist Dinnerware
Dansk Peppermill

Danish Stainless Steel Bowl

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