Friday, August 16, 2013

Christmas in August

Please tell me I'm not the only person who gets excited over the arrival of the new Ikea catalog.  It seems that as soon as it arrives I devour it as I once did the arrival of the "Toys R Us Big Book of Toys" catalog.  I'm not alone in this right?

Here is what my catalog looked like when I started....

.... and here it is 5 minutes later.......

Obviously, I'm not all Ikea all the time.  I'm a thrifter first and foremost but Ikea does serve a purpose.  On my facebook page (you have liked my facebook page, right?) I linked to a Dwell feature where the couple used high and low when renovating their home.  The low being Ikea cabinets in the kitchen which worked really well.  I'm all for that.  I'm not for walking into Ikea (or any store really) and ordering one of everything.  It might look great on the store floor but once you get it home the lack of personality becomes more apparent.

Which reminds me of a couple we knew in New York.  They had recently renovated their Brooklyn brownstone and it was stunning.   Their home was beautiful but then they filled it with Ikea.  The thinking was that they didn't want to put any money into furniture.  I do realize everyone has their priorities, which I completely respect, but a little bit of thought and effort can make a huge difference especially if you are showing for resale.

Here are some of my favorite Ikea pieces from the new 2014 catalog.

This Hektar floor lamp....

Ikea Hektar floor lamp, $69.99 a way more affordable version of this....

Design Sponge Sneek Peek: Abigail Ahern

Oh, hey uber cool floor lamp I love you but just can't afford you.  Granted the Ikea is not the same but the scale is fun and the price is right and it's Ikea so hack away with any color you want!  Just be mindful of the paint/heat combo.

This side table appeared in the European market last year and Ikea brought it across the pond this year.

Ikea Lövbacken Side Table

According to the Ikea catalog this table was the first flat pack furniture sold at Ikea.  At $59.99 you get a lot of style for a reasonable price.  

By the way, did you seen the 1962 Ikea Catalog I posted on my facebook page?  Just in case you missed it here it is..

What's totally nuts is that room is completely current today!  

Not vintagey.  Not stylish decor but...  So.  Fun.  If only my kids were knee high sized again I would be this in a heartbeat!
Ikea Children's Circus Tent, $19.99

Have you gotten the new Ikea catalog?  Any favorites?


  1. Sounds very familiar, Francine:-) It's a big event each year when the new catalogue gets issued. These days I find myself carrying more Ikea stuff out of my house than into it, though. My cupboards are filled to the brim and I can't part with the vintage stuff, sorry Ikea...
    That sideboard is REALLY cute! So great that they reissue their older stuff. I think Ikea is great. The only thing that's bugging me is the short lifespan of their furniture. In the beginning, the quality was so much better. I had a wooden desk in my room when I was a kid, now the desks feel like they're made of cardboard.
    I so agree with you- a house or an apartment should be filled with a mixture of old and new. I love to see people mix really cheap pieces with expensive ones, that's creativity! By the way, Ikea is my number one supplier of everyday napkins:-)

    1. I love their napkins too!! Whenever I go I stock up. Agree with you about most of their furniture. It's sad that it's not made for long term use. I guess that's why vintage is such a great deal these days.

  2. I've been too busy to actually browse the catalog yet, but I fully admit that I screamed when I saw it in the mailbox. I am LOVING that side table!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that gets excited!

  3. I LOVE my Ikea catalogs and save them. I think I have 10 years worth. (Hoard much??) We have lots of Ikea cabinets but not much furniture. Except my Karlstad sofas. Though I am still bitter that they discontinued the long slipcovers before I stocked up. Awaiting new covers from Australia any day now. (Jenni)

    1. 10 years??!! Very impressive! Hope you get your covers soon.