Monday, July 8, 2013

Before, During and After: Styling Shelves

Changing things up just a tad this week.  The usual Monday weekly round up will be posted tomorrow.  Radical.  I know.  

Last Friday I was planning on working while my kids had some friends over.  As it turned out there was just one too many of them and taking photos and listing was just not happening.  So instead,  I made a mess then cleaned it up again.

It all started here with this photo that I ig'ed/tweeted.

My dinning room table is usually overtaken with stuff.  I photograph in that room (you can see my little nightstand that I use below the Crow picture) so it's a handy place to drop things off when they come in the door.  Every so often I do clean it off and had been putting things away slowing.  Finally ---- ta da!!  A clean table!

Which of course got me thinking.  I've been wanting to clean up the etagere for a while now.  Once I put something on those shelves they usually end up staying so it was time to take a look at what had gathered there.  I also have a set of shelves in the living room that had become a landing for lost goods which also needed to be cleaned out and prettied up.

So then my dinning room table looked like this.....

It was the perfect time to do this because we had friends coming over for dinner so it had to be finished.

Now we have this....

Muuuuuccch better don't you think?  I know I still have too much stuff but it's a little less cluttered. Eventually I will sell some of what's on there (and replace it with something else) but for now I'm quite pleased.  You can see I've gathered a bit more Cathrineholm (Yes, I've been holding out on you!).  Still hoping to find some of the more colorful ones in yellow, orange, red! and the dark blue.  

I think this gathering is my fave at the moment.

I also cleaned up one of the shelves I have in the living room.  Before I post the pic I have a disclaimer first.  You know when you really need a piece of furniture and have been looking and looking but not seeing what you want?  So then you buy something that you don't love but sort of works?  These shelves are like that for me.  I love what's on them but I don't love them.  When I bought them I thought I would paint them but as you can see I never did.  I decided I just don't like the shape enough to put any time or money into them.  

This is the one that got cleaned up.

I like the top two shelves more than the bottom but I can live with it for now.  

This is the other shelf filled with pottery and such.  

I'm now thinking of selling them on Criagslist and getting these shelves from Ikea.  

Ikea Vittsjo
I like the simplicity a lot and the price at $70.00 is fair.  I just wish they had a bit more substance to them.  Here are some pics from around the web.

This version got gold leafed and I think it looks great.  Check out the link if you want the how to on gold leafing.

Honey Sweet Home

Here it is au naturale and looking super fantastic.

Emily Henderson

I can't decide if I should just go ahead and get the cheapo Ikea shelves or hold out and hope to find something I like at a price I can afford.

Something like this perhaps....

Paul McCobb

Sigh.  Ok, it doesn't really fit the space that I had in mind but I would probably knock down walls or move to make this gorgeousness work.  Wouldn't you?  

What say you readers?  Should I hold out for something more substantial that I like and can afford or just go and buy the Ikea shelves?