Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Favorite Spots

Back in the early 90's I was a single girl-on-the-go living in Manhattan.  Life was good.  I lived in a teeny, tiny one bedroom on 29th Street off of 5th Avenue and if you were standing at my window and looked over the building in front of you there was a great view of the Empire State Building.  My brother was living here in Tucson.  Somehow we arranged a family trip out West.  One of my sisters, my Dad and I met with my brother and his GF in Phoenix for a grand tour of the state of Arizona.  We saw the Grand Canyon (um, Wow!), Sedona (still one of my favorite places on earth), Canyon de Chelly (just stunning) and Tucson.  After we got to Tucson I remember talking to my sister, not even sure where we were, but I clearly said, and this is a direct quote, "I could never live here." Ahem.

Fast forward a bit and somehow I am now living in Tucson and my brother is living in my apartment in Manhattan.  Life.  Go figure.

When we moved to Tucson three years ago we didn't bring much furniture with us.  What we squeezed into our small 2br apt. in Brooklyn just would not work in our new home in the desert.  At first I LOVED not having any furniture.  It felt great to have SPACE.  Having a house with nothing to dust and easy to vacuum was delightful.  In the beginning when new acquaintances would visit to pick up or drop off for a play date they understood the emptiness but after a while there were definitely some raised eyebrows.  Honestly, I did not care one bit!  But then, all the emptiness began to feel, well, empty.  That is when my quest began.  At around the same time a friend, Gillian, who is a founder of this great online mag, 3Story,  wrote up an article in a local paper about an estate sale business opening a store in town.  I added estate sales to my thrift stores and soon I was not only finding items for my home but finds that would one day end up in my Etsy shop.

Below are my favorite spots in our home.  Favorite because I love how they look and because they each have a story.

All photos are taken by my brother, Matt Vacca, who happens to be an interior photographer in NYC. He works with Interior Designers and Real Estate Companies.  See his website here.

Living Room

I love this corner in our living room because it holds some of my favorite pieces.  The Westnofa chair came from my MIL.  It was always a favorite of my husbands so it was nice when we found the perfect spot for it.  The lamp and the Peter Pepper sculpture came from one of the first estate sales I went to.  The Crate & Barrel side table was from CL.  The frame on the art is stamped "Made in Sweden" but the art itself isn't signed, it came from the thrift and the blue glass floor vase came from an estate sale.

Dinning Room

The Milo Baughman style etegere I bought off of CL.  Once I got it home, got the shelves cleaned and in place it was filled within minutes!  This is part personal collection part favorite store items so that means it is in a constant state of change.  Some pieces have already been sold and others have been added.  As you can imagine dusting is a bit of an issue here.  A quick run through....

Top shelf - Ass't white, mostly bisque, porcelain.  Pieces include Bjorn Wiinbland, Tapio Wirkkala, Arabia and others.  Most are for sale in the store and the rest are keepers, at least for now.

Second Shelf - Finel bowls, see the newest one here, Dansk pitcher and a copy of drawing done by my dad.  All keepers.

Third Shelf - West German head is by Dumler & Breiden from an estate sale.  I love him and was thrilled when I found the other West German pottery pieces from CL.  Two are vintage, the one in the back is new but they work together.  A small WG vase and a monkey and a viking brush.

Middle shelf - The Dansk bucket I found at the thrift.  It's an older one with the orange liner.  I had no idea it was the score it was when I picked it up.  The Cathrineholm were found in an assortment of places.   The three Blenko bottles were from different estate sales.  The tall blue bottle from an antique mall, the green brandy snifter was thrifted.

Fifth Shelf - More WGP, Jaspa & Schuerich all from CL.  The Dansk Flamestone casserole has been sold and replace with a fourth Krenit bowl.  Two were found at a garage sale and one from CL.

Bottom Shelf - One of the Dansk pots has been sold.  The large red one can be found here and the brown paella here.  Both were thrifted.  The CH plate was bought at the Rose Bowl.

The orange L.E. Smith floor vase was from an antique mall. 

Family Room

This spot is not only my favorite and my husbands favorite, but also a big favorite with our, oh so cheeky dogs.  Every now and then I find them all cozied up on the chair looking very guilty when caught.

It took me the longest time to find something that worked in this corner of our family room.  When I got this Dux recliner off of CL I had no idea it was a Dux and I wasn't sure if we were keeping it until I put it in the corner.  It's great spot to read, nap or just take in the view.  

The Venetian lamp also came from CL.  It was a definite splurge for me but I love it.  The Adrian Pearsall (style?) side table I bought in NYC years ago from a coworker.  We actually have another side table and the coffee table as well.  The portrait was $15 from the thrift.  The planter was from an antique mall.