Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Oh my, how did the end of the year/new year come and go so quickly?!  The very best part of this holiday was that my family - my mother, her husband, my sisters, my brother-in-law, my brother & his girlfriend all made the trip out to Tucson for Christmas! Its been 3 years since we were all together for the holidays and this was the first time we all gathered to break bread in our home.

Best.  Christmas.  Ever.

Christmas Eve.  Not everyone arrived yet but still having fun!

We did a lot of cooking, eating and, a-hem, a bit of drinking.  We also managed to get out and see a bit of Tucson. We all loved our visit to the Tucson Wildlife Center.  An amazing organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehab and release of injured wildlife.  Have a look at the videos on their website to see the remarkable work they are doing.

Wilbur, sleeping in the sun

The highlight of the trip was meeting Wilbur.  He is a bobcat that was rescued but his injuries prevent him from being released back to the wild.  We had the pleasure of meeting him while he was out on his morning walk.  I've been sort of close to bobcats before.  My first sighting was one right under my window as I was standing there.  But I have never had the experience of seeing a bobcat at my feet!   Absolutely thrilling!  The hardest part was fighting the very strong urge to reach down to pet him.

But what about thrifting?  Well, my mother and her husband, who were here for 5 weeks, are A-1 thrifters!  "Schlocking" (thrifting for those not familiar with the Yiddish vernacular)  is one of their favorite things to do.  They hit every shop in town, multiple times, and made some friends along the way.  I definitely have some new finds to show you but first I have to get a bit more organized.  Right now, I have to untuck all that was tucked away before the guests arrived.  Ick.  If only organizing was as much fun as thrifting!