Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet Jack, Be Nimble

As much as I love vintage housewares and home decor I am not a purist.  My home is a combination of old and new and the only absolute rule I have is that I must love it.  Doesn't matter if it is high brow or low brow.  Old or new.  It just has to have that something-something that calls my name.

When I did the pop up shop during Tucson Modernism Week I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Lester, a landscape designer who is now designing modern planters.  Beautiful shapes and colors with a nod to the mid mod aesthetic make these planters stand out.

Steel Life Shallow Root Vessel

Shannon is currently running a limited promotion on Etsy on her "Jack-Be-Little" planter.  Buy a $75 gift certificate now for delivery in March and you'll save $50 off retail.  Be nimble and get Jack before this special promo ends.  Here is the link for Steel Life on Etsy.

Steel Life Jack Planter


  1. These planters are absolutely beautiful. I bet they'd cost a bomb to ship to Australia though. Drats!

  2. They are just are beautiful in person as they are in a photo! I would contact Shannon either by her website or her etsy page to inquire about shipping. It might be less than you think!