Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Hoard Heller

There, I said it.  My, um, collection, the one that I have been slowly amassing, has finally been listed.  I think I've been hoarding it all this time because in my head I have this awesome kitchen where I can display these little mod gems and they look oh so happy and they brighten the day of anyone who is lucky enough to happen by.  Sooooo, I've been hoarding the Heller.  Then it hit me.  The reality is that my actual kitchen is nothing like the kitchen in my head.  Sigh.  There is hope though, I've come to realize that it is time to let them go.  I am ready to send them on their way to new homes, with lovely kitchens, that will love and adore them.

Most of my hoard collection 

Jonesing for my Heller?  Shoot me a photo of your kitchen so I can approve buyers before purchasing.




Super Cool Green Pitcher

Big Red Tray

Big Blue Tray

Heller Yellow Lidded Canisters Set of 4 

Heller Blue Lidded Canisters Set of 3 

What do you "collect"  (we all know that is just a nice name for hoarding, right?).  Let me know in the comments below.