Thursday, September 27, 2012

Into the Trash It Goes.

Remember this charming little bag?  The. Cutest. Bag. Ever.

Sadly, it's not so cute anymore.

If you read my listing you might remember I wrote, "I would keep this but I know between the kids and the dogs it would somehow get trashed and I just can't do that to this bag. I love it too much."

Sigh.  Self-fulfilling prophecy?  Possibly.  Who's to blame?

Meet our German Shorthair Pointer, Remi.  Most Some of the time he manages to stay out of trouble.  Lucky for him when he is not wreaking havoc he's very endearing.  Very lucky, indeed!

One day maybe he'll learn to be like this one...

Our 11 yo chocolate Lab, LuLu.  She can be a bossy old lady at times but she would never, ever do such a thing.  She has standards, you know.


  1. That was a cute little bag, but how could anyone stay mad at a face like that?!

  2. I have tried but I can't stay mad for very long at all. It's just not possible!