Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you Mod for Color?

Here are a few recent finds just added to the shop.  Let me know which is your favorite.

I hope someone buys the Tampella Wall hanging quick because I am tempted to keep it.  Please help me and buy this!  

Tampella "Curvus" Fabric Wall Hanging

I love the Krenit bowls.  We had a couple around the house growing up.  They are as gorgeous today as they were then.  This one is in a warm, sunny yellow color - just beautiful.  

Krenit Bowl 

These Rosenthal dishes were the first thing I grabbed at an estate sale.  The house was chock-a-block full of great vintage porcelain.  If you are a fan of Rosenthal/Wiinblad be on notice that I will be posting 5 vases very soon.
Hans Theo Baumann Puzzledish for Rosenthal

I also recently found this Bo-Svensk Swedish candle holder at another estate sale.  I find this piece to be strong, bold and quite manly.  Need I say more?

Bo-Svensk Candle Holder


  1. Great start to your blog! Your finds are fabulous, especially those Baumann dishes.

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, those dishes make me swoon!

  3. The wall hanging is fab. Love your blog as well.

  4. It's one of my favorite pieces! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.