Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet Jack, Be Nimble

As much as I love vintage housewares and home decor I am not a purist.  My home is a combination of old and new and the only absolute rule I have is that I must love it.  Doesn't matter if it is high brow or low brow.  Old or new.  It just has to have that something-something that calls my name.

When I did the pop up shop during Tucson Modernism Week I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Lester, a landscape designer who is now designing modern planters.  Beautiful shapes and colors with a nod to the mid mod aesthetic make these planters stand out.

Steel Life Shallow Root Vessel

Shannon is currently running a limited promotion on Etsy on her "Jack-Be-Little" planter.  Buy a $75 gift certificate now for delivery in March and you'll save $50 off retail.  Be nimble and get Jack before this special promo ends.  Here is the link for Steel Life on Etsy.

Steel Life Jack Planter

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrift Shop by Macklemore

Things have been busy at HCV lately!  Last weekend I was part of the Pop Up Shop at the first annual Tucson Modernism Week!  It was loads of fun,  met lots of great people and it warmed my heart to see my fellow Tucson denizens come out to show some modernism love.

Busy has been great but I have not been out shopping!!  Yes, I am going through withdrawals (thanks for your concern)  so since I haven't been able to make it out to the thrifts I thought I would live vicariously through this video.

It's a great laugh but please know there is explicit language and is not for the kids!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tucson Modernism Week

Quick note to let everyone know I will be setting up shop this weekend!!  Come see me and other terrific mid century finds at the Tucson Modernism Week Pop Up Shop.

Here are the details...

Location:  Worner Bas designed 1961 Murphy Building, 2936 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716

When:  Saturday 10-7 & Sunday 10-4.

I'll be bringing lots of great mid century housewares and home decor.  Think gifts galore!!

Here is the link for more info on Tucson Modernism Week.  There will be lots of free events, great lectures, films, and home tours.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Hoard Heller

There, I said it.  My, um, collection, the one that I have been slowly amassing, has finally been listed.  I think I've been hoarding it all this time because in my head I have this awesome kitchen where I can display these little mod gems and they look oh so happy and they brighten the day of anyone who is lucky enough to happen by.  Sooooo, I've been hoarding the Heller.  Then it hit me.  The reality is that my actual kitchen is nothing like the kitchen in my head.  Sigh.  There is hope though, I've come to realize that it is time to let them go.  I am ready to send them on their way to new homes, with lovely kitchens, that will love and adore them.

Most of my hoard collection 

Jonesing for my Heller?  Shoot me a photo of your kitchen so I can approve buyers before purchasing.




Super Cool Green Pitcher

Big Red Tray

Big Blue Tray

Heller Yellow Lidded Canisters Set of 4 

Heller Blue Lidded Canisters Set of 3 

What do you "collect"  (we all know that is just a nice name for hoarding, right?).  Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Into the Trash It Goes.

Remember this charming little bag?  The. Cutest. Bag. Ever.

Sadly, it's not so cute anymore.

If you read my listing you might remember I wrote, "I would keep this but I know between the kids and the dogs it would somehow get trashed and I just can't do that to this bag. I love it too much."

Sigh.  Self-fulfilling prophecy?  Possibly.  Who's to blame?

Meet our German Shorthair Pointer, Remi.  Most Some of the time he manages to stay out of trouble.  Lucky for him when he is not wreaking havoc he's very endearing.  Very lucky, indeed!

One day maybe he'll learn to be like this one...

Our 11 yo chocolate Lab, LuLu.  She can be a bossy old lady at times but she would never, ever do such a thing.  She has standards, you know.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Light Up My Life

Are you singing that song now?  I did.  All day.  Since it made me laugh I had to keep it as the title.  Having a terrific sense of humor is my cross to bear.  And my husbands' to endure.

For someone who is not really a lamp person I have some amazing lamps.  I say that they are amazing because as I see them in my house I am amazed that they are mine and they give me that little thrill that a really good find does.

Exhibit A

Emily Henderson

See that awesome Arc table lamp?  I have two (eeeeeeeee!!!!!!).  Sorry, I just really, really love them.  I currently have our lamps in our bedroom and as it is not quite as photo ready as the office above we will use the brilliant work of Emily Henderson to showcase Exhibit A.  Isn't that an amazing office?  I wish.  I hope.  I aspire.  To work in such a room.  Of course my current office looks absolutely nothing like that one but I like to pretend that I sit in that awesome blue room with my awesome lamp and write witty blog posts all day long. Not really. But I could.

Wanna know where I got them?  Craigslist.  If you are a lover of vintage get thee to CL.  I have given thanks to Craig and his list many, many times.

Exhibit B

Another CL find. I kinda hate to admit this but I seriously stalked this mid century Venetian glass lamp. As soon as I saw it I wanted it but the price was out of my reach. As much as I loved it I was also not 100% certain if it was worth it.  Months later I was searching CL again and saw that it was still available and the price had been lowered.  It was still a bit too high so that was when the serious stalking began. I kept checking back and finally it was in a range I could live with. I also searched the internet and found a pair on 1st Dibs for  - HELLO! insert insanely crazy list price for the pair here.  After seeing them there I sorta kinda had to have it.  Immediately.  So my husband and I did what any normal couple would do.  We went out in a monsoon to get it.  Blinding rain, trees down, power poles down and flooding did not get between me and my soon to be new old lamp.

 No plans at the moment to sell and even if I did I would not ask or expect any where near that 1st Dibs price but it's nice to know that some exclusive dealer in LA is as smitten with this lamp as I am.  The person I bought it from (the very same who sold me the arc lamps above) thought that it was from Marbro.  Which I believe is a Scandinavian company that had lamps produced in Venice.  I have no idea if that is true.  What I am certain of is that I love it. Truly.

Exhibit C


Once again this mid century marble base lamp by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings is not my lamp.  My lamp, which has a metal neck, is in my garage being neglected (yes my head is hanging in shame).  Soooo..... here's the deal.....

I bought my lamp eons ago when I lived on 29th St. between 5th & Bway in Manhattan.  At the time, my best friend Craig and I lived in the same building.  He lived one flight directly above me.  We banged on the water piped and yelled out the window when we needed to chat or some sugar or a cigarette or just 'cause we were bored.  We were young, witty (think Will & Grace, only funnier), and thrifters/garbage pickers who would often head over to the 26th St. market on Sunday mornings.  Which is where I found my lamp.  Did I mention that it's marble?  And heavy.  And somehow Craig managed to carry it home and up three flights of stairs.  I might have helped a little bit.  

This lovely lamp then came with me to Tucson, then Berkeley, then to Brooklyn.  Somewhere between Berkeley and Brooklyn the socket get a bit dinged and as it was never a favorite of my husbands and I had two young kids at that time it got placed in the wasteland called "STORAGE" (head still hanging in shame).  When we moved again to Tucson (are you dizzy yet?) we actually left it behind.  It was a bad last-minute-late-night-crazy-move decision.  Which I quickly regretted.  At the time I had no idea about the value or style of this lamp.  I even tried to sell it, on CL of course, before the move and am glad the guy that came out to Bklyn from Manhattan did not buy it.  He did tell me that he thought it might be a Robsjohn-Gibbings which did not mean much to me at the time.  I'm not 100% certain mine is a Robsjohn-Gibbings but it is certainly in the style of and that's just fine by me.  

By the way, the lamp in the photo is being sold by ModModMod, Inc., which just happens to have an amazing selection of mid century modern furniture, decor, art and oodles more and also just happens to be run by my friend Craig & his sister Jaime.  Go check them out and find something you love ( and have to have).  Tell them Hot Cool Vintage sent you.  

One last note, as penance for my husband for kind of insisting that we not let the movers take the lamp  from Bkly to Tucson he got to carry it home to Tucson on the plane.  All 50 pounds of it.  Ouch.

There you go, me and my lamps.  They light up my life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you Mod for Color?

Here are a few recent finds just added to the shop.  Let me know which is your favorite.

I hope someone buys the Tampella Wall hanging quick because I am tempted to keep it.  Please help me and buy this!  

Tampella "Curvus" Fabric Wall Hanging

I love the Krenit bowls.  We had a couple around the house growing up.  They are as gorgeous today as they were then.  This one is in a warm, sunny yellow color - just beautiful.  

Krenit Bowl 

These Rosenthal dishes were the first thing I grabbed at an estate sale.  The house was chock-a-block full of great vintage porcelain.  If you are a fan of Rosenthal/Wiinblad be on notice that I will be posting 5 vases very soon.
Hans Theo Baumann Puzzledish for Rosenthal

I also recently found this Bo-Svensk Swedish candle holder at another estate sale.  I find this piece to be strong, bold and quite manly.  Need I say more?

Bo-Svensk Candle Holder

Here we go!

I've been wanting to set up a blog for my Etsy shop, Hot Cool Vintage, for a while now.  Of course, actually setting up a blog and figuring out blogger at 10 pm on a Monday night is absolutely the way to do it.  Genius, I know.

Who am I?  Why am I doing this?  I'm a thrifter, picker, and early morning riser (when properly motivated with promises of must have vintage) who loves finding treasures.   HCV was started because as I was shopping the estate sales and thrifts for my home I would find things that I had to buy, even if I had no idea what I was going to do with them.  Things like these...

I did not need Arabia egg cups.  I had no place for Arabia egg cups but could I not buy them?  Well, maybe you could resist but I could not.  So I bought them.  Then many months later an ebayer friend came to town and convinced me to do this thing called Etsy.  A monster was created and here I am.

As much as I love finding things I love sharing them too!  I'll be posting pics of recent finds most of which will go into the shop but some will come to live with me.

Want more?  I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Join me, follow me, stalk me, whatever.  It'll be fun!